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03-28-11 10:11
11-24-09 12:40
To the Italian teacher who thinks that giving a quiz that isn't on the syllabus the day before thanksgiving is a good idea: Die in a fire.

Here's to a 7 hour drive through Dallas AND Houston holiday traffic. Fuck everyone.
Hobby Lobby is tricky. 10-07-09 12:03
You go in with a goal. Mine was to get Three art markers: black, gold, silver. And MAYBE some pretty feathers. You don't even want to know how much I left with. And now I need to go get some more stuff there today. Arg.

I have a joke for you.

Where do kings keep their armies?

In their sleevies!

Can you beat that? I think not.
09-29-09 16:27
I would always prefer wearing handmade, better quality things and supporting all of those crafty internet people by doing so, so instead of over-paying for a stretchy packaged costume for the renaissance festival next month, I gave myself a budget of about $45 and posted an alchemy request on etsy. I started a conversation with a woman for a fairy costume, eventually agreeing on a price of $90.
This is what I told her:

Fairy costume.
Green sweetheart corset top made of sturdy cotton.
Skirt similar to this, but made in greens, browns, golds, and burnt oranges, very autumn-y.

(I got this picture from an image search for "rag skirt". I have no idea who actually made this.

And this is what she sent me today after not sending me pictures of the whole process as she said she would, and a day after she said she would send them "at the latest".


Aside from the fact that there's a whole lot of white in this costume, and the skirt isn't anywhere near as torn up as the other, the top seems to be made of some stretchy fabric, because cotton doesn't curl over like that. :(


I'm really annoyed, because clearly this woman used the cheapest materials and did everything in a much easier way creating a poorly made, poor quality costume, and now I either have to pay over $100 dollars for costume and shipping, or I have to say "Hey, I'm sorry, this is poor quality and I'm not going to pay for it," leaving me costume-less on too short of notice to find someone else to make it.

09-28-09 22:46
My hands are almost back to their normal color. :)
Downside of being glow-in-the-dark white: Any form of ink or dye will never wash out of your skin. Other downside: Relatives buy you self-tanner for your birthday. This happened a couple of years ago. An aunt bought me PJ's and some bath-y things. I really only looked at the first bottle, a minty body wash, and glanced at the other which I thought was lotion, and thanked her. I later got home and donated the PJ's (They said something along the lines of "lil' angel" on them. Also, what's the point? On the off chance I'm not so lazy that I jump in bed in my draw's, it's a soft t-shirt.) And offered the bath products to my mom. It was only when she asked what they were that I realized that it was a gradual self tanner. My mom and brothers still mae fun of me for it.
Dang Cajuns on that side of the family always picking on me for being white.

Arg. Roommates always find the need to put in a movie at like 1:30 in the living room instead of their rooms and turn it on LOUD. I've asked them to turn it down twice. :/ Worse is that it's Dennis the Menace, so it goes from silence to loud music, and then back to silence, then screaming, then silence, then some foreboding, suspense building, annoying music. It jolts me awake every time.

One of my roommates is one of those people that needs constant background noise to be able to function. The downside of this is that she needs to watch TV at 8-9 am with her cereal, loudly, and about 75% of the time she forgets to turn it off, which means I have to drag my ass out of bed, put on clothes, and go into the cold apartment. Wah.

I have trouble tuning things out, and it's very hard for me to fall asleep in the first place, taking anywhere from half an hour to an hour normally, and just not sleeping at all on more extreme days. Wooo, insomnia. So from the looks of it, I'll be skipping my first class tomorrow and sleeping while my roommates have class and I have the apartment to myself.

Damn this sounds whiny. I guess it just bothers me because I'm over-considerate and I make next to no noise. Peace and quiet is good, TV's are on low volume, and headphones are for music. I really only listen to loud music in my car.

I think the movie is done!

The woman on Etsy said that my costume would be finished and she would post pictures for my final thoughts by today at the latest. She didn't post them and didn't respond to my email.

I am going to the Texas Renaissance Festival for the Midsummer Night weekend. I'm going to be a fairy. :3

DAMMIT THE NOISE IS BACK. This movie never ends. :(

I woke up cranky. 09-28-09 06:19
Things I hate:
Being woken up within 20 minutes of the time my alarm clock is supposed to go off. (Gr. Amanda needs loud cartoons with her cereal in the mornings.)
People who wear pajamas to class.
Forgetting my wallet and not being able to get into the lab because I don't have my ID.
People who get on my case about not drinking. I don't yell at them for drinking!
People who don't keep their dogs on leashes or clean up after them.
Wearing pants.
Bad grammar, people who don't read, people who think feminism is evil, and crazy conservative hypocrites. Also, I live in Texas. (Google "Vidor Stabbing" and watch it all the way through. It's hilariously funny, and about five minutes from my house. "OH MY GOD HE GOTS A KNIFE!")
Forgetting to charge my ipod and having to live a day without music.
Never being able to find quarters to use in the parking Meter for my late class.
Milo's four different moods: cranky, hungry, violent, cuddly. Guess which is the most rare?
When doors open by themselves, and those creepy house noises at night.
Windows or mirrors at night.
Any noise before noon or after midnight.
Bright lights
Gerald. He tells every nice guy I meet that I'm a lesbian, and every not so nice guy that I meet that I'm looking to lose my virginity.

Things I like:
Being clean.
Autumn in Texas.
Towels fresh out of the dryer, tube socks, down comforters. Anything warm and fluffy.
Baked potatoes, noodles, soy milk, veggies, bacon.
Natural light.
My pale skin. I was born this way. Olive skin is pretty, too. So is dark skin. Orange skin? Not so much. Tanning beds scare me. Next person who tells me to go get a tan... I don't have any good threats.
Libraries and the Recycled bookstore.
Jupiter House and Banter. Jupiter house has a Tesla Tofu Berry smooothie, and the people that work at Banter are just really obnoxiously nice.
Eating leftover cookies for breakfast.
Cute underwear.

Waking up an hour and a half after I was supposed to instead of studying, and then playing on the internet until class starts :)

09-27-09 20:02

Milo just got a special kool-aid bath (Veterinarian approved.) as a trial run for his halloween costume. Sadly I got the wrong color so instead of green, he's slightly pink. Now he's eating cheese under the lamp and licking his fruit punch flavored fur.

Now I have a pizza lunchable.

I don't like history. But I like my design class tomorrow.
Help me. 09-27-09 09:59

This is Milo. He eats people. We make him wear the tie as punishment for being such a little bitch.

Brown, Blonde, Black, Red?

Last night was a fail in every way. I got to watch someone get kicked out of Kush, though. That was entertaining. I need to go get groceries, but the odds of my getting out of bed are pretty slim.
Apparently the guy across the hall is an underwear model. I'm slightly disturbed. He was very friendly when I met him, though, and always waves and smiles. His roommates once came over very drunk to invite us to their party and brag about going to Texas Tech, though I'm not sure why a school with it's own special STD is something to brag about.
My toes are cold!
I need to do laundry.
09-26-09 23:15
I love how dirty and disgusting Fry Street is. It makes me sad that everything seems tone shutting down. I went to a hipster party earlier tonight, which was interesting because everyone was wearing a derivative of the same outfit. Before that I set off the smoke alarm at the apartment. My fish was about a fourth of it's original size, and my baked potato was as light as styrofoam.
I'm at Kush now, watching college students smoke overpriced hookahs and sing along with a Jeff Buckley song that someone put on the jukebox as a joke. The pretty girl bouncer just kicked out a guy, but he came back in and is now sitting next to me trying to start a conversation, and I am getting slightly uncomfortable. For some reason everyone feels the need to put their hands on the person in the room that is least receptive to touch. Boo. I am always the driver because I don't drink, which is all that is keeping me here at the moment, and also why I'm tapping this out on my iPod. The night progresses and the people get even more unattractive. Douchebags and dude bros. Some asshole on a backwards baseball cap is yelling at me now, asking if my name is Samantha. He just walked away though. I turned to the girl next to me and said "I don't speak douchebag you're going to have to translate for me." gotta love my highly developed people skills.
Sweet dreams, internet.
But it's autumn, and the air is finally cooling off in Texas.
02-29-08 02:38
Well. Everything is shot to hell, now isn't it?
02-25-08 19:32
Matt Guidry is Lame.
First job. 02-04-08 14:38
01-16-08 10:58
I am really incredibly disgustingly bored. In Telenet.
UNT 01-08-08 12:57
10-15-07 14:44
Driving 65 on the way to BC and I have a blowout. I broke a freaking tire. Didn't know what was wrong, just pulled over, called my mom, and started freaking out and crying.

Was going to the fair, but judging from the black streams of mascara running down my face, I think I'm staying home.

Blah. I wish I didn't get so hysterical. I was okay until I got a call from EK..."Hey, just passed up a car that looked like yours.. calling to check on you."

10-08-07 13:25
Update on the dog incident:

Josh L - Freak 1
Zac S - Freak 2
Josh J - Dog owner

All three go to my school.

Josh L got mad at Josh J's dog for bothering his own dog. So he shot it in the head with an arrow. Zac took a picture and sent it to me. The end.

A teacher knows about it, and wants to turn him in, but I don't have the picture anymore. I accidentally cleared my inbox, I should have saved it, but didn't want to open it to look at it again.

Anyway. It sucks. I thought Josh and Zac were nice guys. Zac was one of my best friends, and he's been harassing me in the hallways and is incredulous to why I don't want to talk to him. I explain, he laughs, and then turns around to brag about it to whatever guy is closest to him. Then the cycle starts again after the next period is over.

People suck.
10-05-07 16:27
A guy I know just texted me a picture of a dog that his friend shot through the head with an arrow. Can I report him to PETA? Or would it be better to kill him?
Ordering Senior crap. 10-03-07 21:31
Seriously. Forty bucks for a scrapbook? An ugly scrapbook?

Anyway... I want to see Across The Universe. Road trip to Houston this weekend. A two hour drive is the closest theater to me. I'm guessing it's a conspiracy.
Thinking of taking a photography class at Lamar (Night) next semester.
Need to get applications in. Now.

Talked to Justin at Novrozsky's today. The Mother still won't let me hang out with him outside of his place of work. Who cares if he's four years older than me? He's cool, and genuinely a nice guy.

Third week of working on the same ugly still life in art. I wouldn't mind if it was something pretty, that I would want to hang in my room once it was finished. But no. We must remind everyone that we are from Texas by drawing a cow skull with a cowboy hat leaning on a vase. And a basket with fake ivy leaves in it.

I wonder what Mrs. Windham would think if I caught it on fire.

I could call it performance art.

I got a costume. It's not trashy.

But I would make one hot garbage man, thankyouverymuch.

Anyway, it's little red riding hood, but I hate the cape/hood. So I'm returning it, because without it... the costume is stupid. I think I'll be a pirate.
10-01-07 22:12
So in the past three weeks, two guys my age (Both had dropped out of my school) have died. What's worse is that one boy is responsible for both deaths, and no one believes that they were accidents. The first, he was passing a gun to another boy, and it shot him above the heart. Then another boy said he was there and that it wasn't an accident, however, he wasn't in the room when it happened. Yesterday, he went to breakfast with the boy who accidentally shot him (Boy A). Boy A was going 70 around a curve and hit a tree. He lived. His friend didn't. I don't really know what to think. I knew the boy who was shot, but it had been years since I'd spoken to him. I hear a lot of "Oh it wasn't an accident, he deserved it, he had it coming," and it bothers me. No one was in the room, so no one knows. So no one needs to place blame.

Anyway. I came home, ate dinner at three, ha, slept until seven thirty, looked for a costume for the seventh annual Halloween party. I'm really not allowed to celebrate Halloween, so I'm amazed that the Mother even lets me go. But oh well. Why question a good thing? But what's with all of the trashy costumes? They're either made out of see-through, crappy, stretchy material, or they look like lingerie. Or both. Would it be really lame to go as a Final Fantasy character? Yes? Never mind then.

Anyway. I miss Keith, not that anyone knows who that is. But he was my fashion designer/chef/man-whore best friend. Then he started drinking a lot because the state of Texas accidentally put that he was 22 on his ID instead of 18. And hanging out with people I didn't really care for. Then he moved to Austin. So I don't hear from him for a month, and when I finally do, he's drunk, and it makes me sad. I miss the sweet kid that used to beat me up in the car on the way to youth group every Wednesday. And bake cookies and watch stupid 80's movies with me.

Okay. End of random lame whiny post. Give me costume ideas that aren't trashy.
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